Installing Spitfire Labs on Ubuntu

Spitfire Audio is a library of instrumental recordings sampled from the London Symphony Orchestra. While most of their libraries cost more than a few hundred dollars, they provide several “Labs” libraries for free (like beer)! So you can dip your toes into their symphonic library without breaking the bank.

To download the Virtual Studio Technology (VST) interfaces, used by LMMS or any other DAW as a means to interface with virtual instruments, you will need to acquire their silly little Spitfire Audio App. They provide an executable for windows and mac. Too bad so sad linux.

Now for the obvious twist, no source code, no problem. To get the Spitfire Audio App up and running on your linux computer:

  • Download the windows version of the app1
  • Navigate tot he folder you downloaded the .exe file
  • Open it with wine64 2, and
  • Follow the installation instructions.

Boom, awesome music utilities at your finger tips.

Note, once you’ve installed the VST files you want, you never have to worry about their silly little app again!

Happy music making!!


  1. I could not get the app to download the way they recomend you do, so I downloaded it from [return]
  2. Make sure you use wine64! LMMS cannot load 32 bit vst dlls [return]