Playing always kill your heroes

I thought I’d throw some video together of me playing Always Kill Your Heroes (AKYH). This was a submission for the 2018 autumn lisp game jam. You play as a slime trying to entice heroes into your lair so you can murder and rob them to pay off your student debts. The theme of the jam was Slime and I figured the entire game concept was rather slimey…

Cover Video

To the darkness with you!!

Quips were added hours before the game-jam closed. They were definitely the best value for effort addition to the game.

Loss Condition: Death

Originally I required the player to collect 200,000 coins, rather than 20,000. Since the number of coins each hero brings grows geometrically this equated to an additional 4-6 heroes. While the game was beatable at this point it required the advanced strategy of ensuring no more than 3 slimes were alive when the hero entered the lair, and the final victory was always a coin toss, even when this strategy was followed. Rather than nerfing the higher levels I just cut the total coin count. One addition that I may make is to require 200,000 coins on the second play through.

Even with the reduced victory hurdle small mistakes can still end your game.

Victory condition!

There are several strategies that can be used to easily collect the 20,000 coins required to win the day. One of the more fun ways to do it is to always make sure you have 2 slimes when the hero enters the lair. Since hero defense is a function of the number of slimes, this effectively leaves the unsuspecting hero defenseless when you divide you slimes.