• Masters of Applied Science, University of Ottawa, 2016

  • Bachelors of Engineering, University of Guelph, 2013

Government Work Experience

Policy Analyst - Health Canada - Tobacco Control Directorate - 2016 - Current

Core Policy Functions

  • Assembled the literature on tobacco promotion, and wrote a review on the capacity for tobacco packaging to act as promotion and how this capacity is mitigated through plain and Standardized packaging measures.

  • Contributed to the development of options concerning the treatment of specific tobacco products under the proposed plain and standardized packaging regulations.

  • Developed the projected time line and critical path for the introduction of plain packaging in Canada, based on treasury board standard durations and input from the department.

  • Led the Canada Gazette, Part I consultation process for plain and standardized appearance of tobacco products.

Supporting Policy Functions

  • Developed and ran the on-line portion of the National Tobacco Conference in May of 2017.

  • Helped to adapt policy for the treatment of specific tobacco products based on the results of public opinion research, public consultations, and economic analysis.

  • Debriefed verbally up to the Director level, and have contributed to presentations DECKs for the ADM, DM and Minister.

Policy Competencies

  • Through working closely with my team and mentors at the Tobacco Control Directorate I have developed strong Analytical, Collaborative, and Adaptable competencies.

  • During my masters, which required extensive genomic analysis, I developed a strong capacity for data analysis and data visualization.

  • Working on large public consultations (over 58,000 submissions) at the Tobacco Control Directorate helped me further develop my data analysis and data visualization skillsets.

  • Through the XFN program I would like to gain experience and mentorship in my user-centric and storytelling competencies.

Work Experience (Non Government)

Student Researcher - Ottawa Hospital Research Institute - 2012

  • Worked with and adapted well defined analysis pipelines designed for large scale genomic analysis.

  • Developed skills necessary to transform loosely defined project requirements into useful analysis software.

  • Gained experience presenting to subject specialists.

Student Research Assistant - University of Guelph - 2011-2012

  • Exposed to a variety of research environments, including soil analysis, pyrolysis / gasification prototyping and materials surface testing.

  • Gained experience applying statistical analysis to small data sets.

  • Developed tools that could automate data collection and assessment.



Plain and Standardized Appearance Canada Gazette, Part I Consultation

  • Led the preparation for 2018 consultation process, which involved contacting stakeholders and working with other departments within Health Canada.

  • Contributed to the preparation of briefing materials following submissions from major stakeholders and debriefed verbally up to the director level.

  • Participated in meetings with stakeholder groups.

  • Liaised with the contractor during the development of the formal consultation summary.

Micro Assignment at the in the Deputy Minister of Health’s Office

  • Reviewed incoming media requests, briefing notes, question period notes and memos.

  • Summarized and distributed notes from meetings between ADMs and the Deputy.

  • Gained insight into how the upper management of Health Canada functions.

Virtual National Tobacco Forum

  • Led the development and procurement of a virtual space for those outside of Ottawa who wished to take part in the National Tobacco Forum in March of 2017.

  • Gained experience working with external contractors.

  • Wrote technical support documentation and provided direct support for registering for the Forum and logging into the WebEx session.

  • Gained leadership experience setting up the event and organizing both the French and English teams.

Structuring and Analysis of Consultation Emails 2017

  • Took over the role of assessing incoming consultation response emails, as the volume dramatically increased.

  • Analyzed the incoming emails to assess the time-line that each of the stakeholder groups responded.

  • Preformed text mining on each stakeholder group to quantify their specific concerns.

Assembling the Literature for Tobacco Labeling and Plain Package

  • Focused on a detail oriented approach, ensuring that statements in current documentation align appropriately with their sources.

  • Systematical assembled relevant literature on the subjects in such a way as to ease the transition for new entrants.

  • Provided cross cutting support to both teams in the Labeling and Packaging Divisions.


Distinction of Simulated and Real RNA Hairpins

  • Applied supervised machine learning algorithms to distinguish between simulated and real RNA hairpins.

  • Incorporated meta analysis in the form of bagging to help avoid overtraining.

Comparison of the Compression Methods for EMG Signals

  • Implemented and compared five algorithms, both lossy and lossless, for the compression of EMG signals.

  • Utilized C as the core language for each of the implementations and developed a wrapper for analysis in both Bash and Python.


Mastodon.el - The Mastodon Client for Emacs

  • Gained experience working with distant project collaborators.

  • Developed documentation habits to ensure clear representation of my work.

  • Exposure to a rigorous test driven environment, meant to ensure a quality and stable product for users.