Search and destroy - Colours of Destiny

Lost in a colourscape, you must search and destroy or be destroyed others!!


I wrote this game over the 2017 new year. All rendering is done using simple shapes in Canvas. The backend is a Cowboy webapp connecting up to 20 players at a time using websockets.

  1. Blend in with your surroundings
  2. Collect energy based on the tile colour your sitting on
  3. Hunt your foes
  4. Eliminate them one by one

Rules of the game:

  • Expend energy to shoot, the shot will be the colour you have the most energy of. In a tie a random colour is chosen
  • Collect energy based on the colours you are on
  • Your colour is that of the highest energy level (blue, green or red)
  • You are immune to shots of your own colour (e.g. blue wont damage blue)
  • Take 10 shots and you are out
  • Press space to drop a depth charge. These deal no damage but can be used to route out a hiding enemy

Play the game

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